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On Thursday last week (23rd) I had my first post-operation CT scan. This was to look for signs of any new tumour growth, particularly on the liver and lungs (the most common places that bowel cancer spreads). I don't know the results yet and it's been a bank holiday weekend here in the UK. So, I'm waiting....

Waiting for results is pretty rubbish. On Friday my heart skipped a beat every time the phone rang. I was dreading seeing the 'number withheld' on the screen (usually the hospital). Then on Tuesday morning I had the same feeling when the post arrived. But I'm feeling more positive with each day that passes, because no news is often good news with the NHS (although on one occasion that belief did let me down - more on that another time!).

How do you cope with anxiety? Honestly, I'm not very good at managing it sometimes. I've tried loads of different things in the past (some not particularly healthy!). Over the years I've found that the best things for me have been talking and praying through my fears with my wife, music (listening and playing), watching comedies and, in recent months, meditating on the Psalms. In the next post I'll share a little more about that one.

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