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About Me

Hi, I’m Wil (one L - long story!) and I live in the UK. I'm married to a lovely British-Canadian and we have two little people in our life.

Why blog? Well, at the age of 35, I was diagnosed with bowel cancer and a rare genetic condition called Serrated Polyposis Syndrome. Life changed and I decided to blog, as a form of therapy, to update friends/family on my progress and as an outlet for thoughts that are otherwise confined to my head.

For me, blogs provided a great source of help and hope while I was going through a time of hell and I have particularly appreciated the World Wide Web as a place to find others that have faced similar challenges (and so much worse). So, for what it's worth, here are my thoughts and experiences.... I hope they are of help and hope to someone out there.

What do I do? I've worked in the UK charity sector since 2006, where I've worked for various causes in various roles, at the bottom and at the top. In this time I've also served as a charity trustee and an elected volunteer town councillor. Today, I run a grant-making charitable trust. I mention these things only to explain that I've spent a fair amount of time in vocations that highlight the best and worst of society and, in this blog, I hope to spark discussions and generate ideas about how we might turn more of the bad stuff into good. In particular, I'd like to talk about homelessness - a subject close to my heart.

Finally, before entering the 'real world' I spent five years as student, studying music, then theology. Not always the best degrees for getting a job at the end. But, they're important subjects to me. For my thoughts about God and life's tough questions, read on!

Oh, why 'loft thoughts'? Well, a few years ago I built a little office in my loft. It's where I spend my time working and thinking. Nothing to do with lofty thoughts I'm afraid.