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Unfortunately the ‘no news is good news’ mantra hasn’t served me well on this occasion.

It’s felt like a long wait for my first post-op CT scan results (23rd August to 11th September). Apparently they were delayed because my consultant was on annual leave and there are NHS radiologist shortages at present. Anyway, I was called into the hospital at short notice yesterday and told that my CT scan has revealed a tumour on my liver, which didn’t show on my December scan. Not good news.

This was especially unexpected as the chances of this were fairly low. I’ve also been on a strict plant-based organic ‘healthy’ diet since December, which I thought would reduce the chances of recurrence further. Also, I’ve been totally symptom-free and feeling physically great. So, it’s come as a huge shock. But, I’m thankful for the scan, without which I would have been clueless about this new growth.

I have reasons to be positive. Firstly, the growth appears to be in one place and the experts think it may be operable. Secondly, the scan was clear apart from this.

The next step is to have two more scans – something called a PET scan and an MRI. These will happen in the next two to three weeks, to get more clarity than the CT scan offered. The surgeons will then know if it’s safe to operate and whether there are tumours/growths forming elsewhere.

I’d very much welcome a miracle now! It would be wonderful if the growth disappeared and there are no others. Failing that, I hope and pray it’s operable. I’d really appreciate prayers for my wife and children at this time. It’s another tough time with so much uncertainty.

Following on from my last post, one weirdly comforting thing happened this morning while I was washing the dishes. The Bible passage of the day on UCB radio was Psalm 91:15-16. What are the chances of that?!



  1. Sarah Johnson

    Praying for you, I have read your blog posts and was interested I reading them as in June last year my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer and I supported her along with my dad through her treatment. Having met some amazing people whilst in hospital with mum I have been humbled by the strength and positivity from everyone, your blog posts show this strength and positivity too. I will keep praying for your miracle. Sending very best wishes to you.

  2. Yoshi Komuro

    Dear my brother Wil! I’ll pray for you everyday! I know God still has so many tasks for you. He is gracious One, He is Love, He is good Father. He will never let you down. I believe miracle, because you are worthy to experience it. Love you my brother!!

  3. Jolyn and Jeremy

    Oh Will! My bright and cheery old friend. I’m so sorry to hear you are battling this awfulness. Please know you are in our thoughts, prayers and we will send you all good vibes, strength and great things. I’m glad you are feeling well. Keep fighting! Big guys to you and your family across the ocean.

  4. Tim Giovanelli

    Hey Mate, I just found out about what you have been going through. Much love and prayers from Sydney! Keeping fighting Will and draw close to the Lord!

  5. Ros

    Wil – you know me, I won’t be praying, but I am sending you and the family the best wishes I can – how dare that mantra let you down!

  6. Polly Odbert

    Dear will. How I loved u as a wonderful Christian the first day I met u. Tim and I will of course remember you and family in our prayers. Our god is still a god of miracles look how that category 7 of cancer of Tim’s in his kidney removed and three years on no sign of anything else so let us fix our eyes on Jesus as always. We have a good god love u will and your family Polly x

  7. Charlie Parsons

    Hi Will, we are very old friends of [your wife’s] from her CYFA days. Just wanted you to know we have been praying for you all and won’t stop. With love from Charlie and Alan

  8. Stacey Gleddiesmith

    Hi Wil. We just learned of your battle. So glad to read of the comfort you have been able to take from the Psalms. We will be praying for you as you continue the fight. Thomas Merton’s prayer that begins “My Lord God, I have no idea where I’m going” has also been a close companion to me… Perhaps it will be for you as well. Those are the words i will be praying over you.

  9. Lindsay de Laune

    Dearest Wil,

    Following your blog & uplifting you & your family in our prayers. Hope you can come to Guernsey (with your wife and children?) when all this is behind you !
    Much love from Pete & me xx

  10. Barry Funnell

    Hi Wil, I am sorry to read of the spot in your liver. I am praying for a miracle. That it will be removed in Jesus’ name.

    It is good to read you are in good general health and no other lesions or growths are present. Know that we often pray for you and your precious family. We appreciate your partnership with us in Bible Translation.

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